Our cattery is situated in northern Italy, in a beautiful hilltop setting of Corno di Rosazzo, district of Udine, next to Venice, officially born in Italy in 2010, when spurred by an enormous passion for this miraculous race, maturated after many years of concubinage with them, we decided to share the path with all the people who love and admire this wonderful race of cat. Further, after years of deep study and in harmony with a natural evolution related to our breeding and high demand, we have expanded by introducing the infant evolution of the Sphynx Bambino cat.
Nobilgatti breeding Sphynx

Nobilgatti is Leader in breeding Canadian Sphynx and Bambino

We also inform you that Nobilgatti, given the high quality of its lines and the international demand, has prepared by qualified personnel in the field, an operating and spread point on the territory of Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte, one of the states of Brazil.

Through a deep expertise gained over time, which allows us to offer you the specimens with special physical / genetic attributes, perfectly selected, we have optimized and secured the best exclusivity of the species. Our cats respond fully to all the strict quality standards required for the race, earning the Primacy of Champions.

An additional diamond of the Breeding concerns the delivery of your life partner: Nobilgatti, where there is no possibility to personally pick up the kitten, will rely, in this delicate and important phase, which involves a change of the usual living reality of the small cat, on help of one of our expert agents.

Thanks to the professionalism and competence, he will personally follow, step by step, this delicate moment, accompanying and supporting the kitten in person for the entire trip, until the longed arrival of your friend, in intimate warmth of his new family.